My first Live set!

4 04 2009


Hi everyone! here’s the poster from my first live set, you can see my name (Deo) on upper left on image 😀 amazing, first of all thanks to Rubén Merino and Luis UDE for giving me a chance.

I wont take my Electribe to do this live set but, it will be all right instead. My set will consist in two parts: The remix of the Unremixeable, and a short set of new beat songs like Simian Mobile Disco. everything added to a funky-fresh songs cutting the scene, And that’s all!!!! Let’s get this party started!

The party starts 11Th April at 00:00h. Everyone’s invited to the party with free entrance, cocktails 3€ and beer 2€.

Luis UDE is a famous DJ from my home town: La Solana. Deep Techno and Electro rhythms to keep people on the move.

Rubén merino is Electric percusionist with electronic timbals. Amazing music to take the people’s roots on the dancefloor.

Guest DJ is Iván Planas. I don’t know him, but I hope he’ll be top DJ of the night.

Once more Thank you Rubén and Luis.




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