Yuri’s Night

13 04 2009

me at work! Hello everyone. Last night was Underground Party @ Kiko Mingo. So much expectation by my own public side, but not happened really. Really few people! but “best music ever” in words of public.

I have to tell how people said this. In my home town, La Solana, people are “scared” because of new music, everyone wants techno by night. I’ve just modified this fact to “maybe techno, or new music”.

On warm up there was 12 people approx. and in the second half of warm up it went up to 20 people. Just friends, not all, sad but true.

Don’t worry, I’m not angry or sad about this fact. Real sense is hilarious happiness because people listening to me was dancing even they were just a few ones! I love them and here’s the photos:

Mariah and Ana LópezAna López and Carambica from left to right. Carambica I’ll love you for ever for being so happy and for that energy you take out from me to give to everyone. Just Dance!

Mariah and ThomMariah and Thom, thanks to come. Mariah sent me good vibes to take best tunes out all night, and she stayed with me until 5 a.m.! Thom didn’t like that kind of music, Pro Raver! but he made me to feel real good because he stayed with me too, giving best to me. Thanks.

The one in lower left is Rubén Merino, I’ll talk about him later.

Mariah and me!Carambica and meFan Club! Well there was them

Let’s talk about other Dj’s uh?

Luis UDE and Rubén Merino. For me they were best of night but they were short time playing because of me and Iván Planas.

Luis and RubénDeep Techno rythms and tribal timbalanding breaks fusioned in a dangerous mix!!!!!!

Amazing. Also Thank you for giving me a chance!

Iván Planas! This guy Broke the night. Brutal and amazing techno session. Good Work Iván!!!!

Iván Planas!Great person. Thanks for the party!!!!

Here are some extra photos:

thomThe Merino OnesDj's!Rubén Killing people with rythm.

That’s all about Party. Thanks to everyone came and a big STYM (Shit To Your Mouth) for the rest.

Good Night!




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