Quarkore is:

23 05 2009

Quarkore is:

Fiesta, entertainment, music, art, design, opposite directions, a friend, a monument,
a devil greets a baby, a link: Take ecstacy with me, a life in music, Half on cassette and half on digital audio, a way of giving a hug, an emotional greeting, a recent memory,
or a very old, change channels, change looking, a day and a night,  a finger, a notice you do not like, a style that does not convince you, attracting style, a flow very cynical, one euro on the ground, a perverted look, a castle, a notebook, a keyboard, a excellent, Horadric cube or a gang of armed communists, a monkey, a sweatshirt of some such Coilbox, wide trousers and a cap placed poorly at night, Bob Marley, a sweatshirt Lost, found, lost definitively, Cuantum Mechanics, a dumb,  a puddle in a road, a laptop on fire, a wad of pages of formulas, or a blue device, a trip,  maybe two if we find two mushrooms, one man falls off the stage,  applause with the public and
climb to sing a connection, a free charlet base and lots of laughter, 2.5mm cable and tape, Smash bros, “Art is my love,” the history of the universe, a lie,
a solution, being shy, and sometimes wanting power, Asturias, Sweden, the blondes (jeje) my bike and my trunk, a broken leg, some lizards, such a Kid A, James Brown should be alive, a radio, a handful of women and men, a dog in Andalusia and a dragon in the Alpujarras, The Chana, San Miguel Alto, a flat above the Booga, another next to Silent Hill, two crazy ones, a prechuza, a bald man with a drop in the head, white sunglasses, Because I love you above … if you can jump, fly above the stars, or jump higher, look at things, fleeting
shake with emotion, to thank after a pet.

Thank you.




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23 05 2009
Quarkore is:

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