Downloads Update

16 02 2010

Sorry guys, I’ve been busy a long time. Now I’ve updated the Downloads page, there are all the tracks. Thanks for waiting!


The Jump

13 02 2010

After a long time out of the scene (well, maybe I haven’t been on the scene yet…) I created a new track for your ears to burn itself: The Jump. I’ve been studying for February exams, so I had to stop producing, hard way to get success out of exams. This track os Pusher Big Beat, as you can hear. The lead is something strange, randomly created (that’s my way guys), to get some kind of psychedelic time go into the song. The bassline is so great (I worked on it for days) that I can see you dancing the time you listen.

So, hope you enjoy it, maybe one day some kind of label get’s me into… I just wanna get a live audience šŸ˜€

Quarkore – The Jump is MP3 320 FREE!

Stay clear guys!