About me

me with particle acelerator

me with particle accelerator

My name is Deogracias Maroto, Maybe one of most strange names in Spain(also, I’m Spanish). I’m from Castilla-La Mancha (like Quixote), but I live now in Granada (most amazing town in Spain). I’ve been listening to music since I can remember, my parents educated me into that way. Now I’m music producer for 7 years, making electronic sounds to feel deep and loud… also more things I cannot explain (maybe I’m not good at English). Student for 5 years, I started Physics career on UGR but it didn’t work, so I changed my way to informatics, with better results.

Likes: Astronomy, Physics, music, Informatics and New Technologies, blogging, videogames (Smash Bros!), Marijuana, going party!, friends, late talks, to be taller than many many people, coca-cola, Orange juices, uncoffined coffee, clothing, designs, art, movies(the good ones), South Park, The Simpsons and Futurama, Family guy, to write big formulas, to be happy and satisfied with myself.

Hates: to lie, to be angry, to be hungry, sleep too much or too few, maniacs, Trance progressive music (simply! you nerds…), reggeaeton(maybe dancing…no, I don’t like…), Spanish commercial music (that’s hell for musicians, really), to need to explain many things (:D), hard knots.

I’m not a religious person, but I feel something about that people. If I have to choice, maybe I’ll be amalgamated, I believe every lie from a religious person mouth(sarcasm). I believe people have Spirit, or maybe soul, but God is the vast Universal Universe!

So, all you need to know about me is above this line. I’ll be updating this with posts and music. Enjoy!


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