Animated ones

23 06 2009

Hi people! just taking up a Gif image made by Che. Hope you like it!



Design you B*****D! (III)

30 05 2009


This is fine! 😀

By Che.

Design you B*****D!

3 04 2009


This is Chema, formerly known as Che. Designer, artist, great human and better friend. Everything around him is designed to be amazing 😀 he collab with me making myself listen my music more weirdly.

He gifted to me two T-shirts really really good! here is his designs:

Z? what does it mean?

It’s design you B*****D!

Z? By Che (some rights reserved)

Smile! shirt. I love this one!

great shirt

great shirt

Soon I’ll show mi sister’s t-shirts. By the way you can visit