Downloads Update

16 02 2010

Sorry guys, I’ve been busy a long time. Now I’ve updated the Downloads page, there are all the tracks. Thanks for waiting!


Manifesto on the rights of Internet users

2 12 2009

A group of journalists, bloggers, professionals and creators want to express their firm opposition to the inclusion in a Draft Law of some changes to Spanish laws restricting the freedoms of expression, information and access to culture on the Internet. They also declare that:

1 .- Copyright should not be placed above citizens’ fundamental rights to privacy, security, presumption of innocence, effective judicial protection and freedom of expression.

2 .- Suspension of fundamental rights is and must remain an exclusive competence of judges. This blueprint, contrary to the provisions of Article 20.5 of the Spanish Constitution, places in the hands of the executive the power to keep Spanish citizens from accessing certain websites.

3 .- The proposed laws would create legal uncertainty across Spanish IT companies, damaging one of the few areas of development and future of our economy, hindering the creation of startups, introducing barriers to competition and slowing down its international projection.

4 .- The proposed laws threaten creativity and hinder cultural development. The Internet and new technologies have democratized the creation and publication of all types of content, which no longer depends on an old small industry but on multiple and different sources.

5 .- Authors, like all workers, are entitled to live out of their creative ideas, business models and activities linked to their creations. Trying to hold an obsolete industry with legislative changes is neither fair nor realistic. If their business model was based on controlling copies of any creation and this is not possible any more on the Internet, they should look for a new business model.

6 .- We believe that cultural industries need modern, effective, credible and affordable alternatives to survive. They also need to adapt to new social practices.

7 .- The Internet should be free and not have any interference from groups that seek to perpetuate obsolete business models and stop the free flow of human knowledge.

8 .- We ask the Government to guarantee net neutrality in Spain, as it will act as a framework in which a sustainable economy may develop.

9 .- We propose a real reform of intellectual property rights in order to ensure a society of knowledge, promote the public domain and limit abuses from copyright organizations.

10 .- In a democracy, laws and their amendments should only be adopted after a timely public debate and consultation with all involved parties. Legislative changes affecting fundamental rights can only be made in a Constitutional law.

In Ye Old Town

13 07 2009

Hi there! ust waiting for new posts eh?

I’m back to my home town, La Solana, to have time with family and old friends. This will be my looooong time to rest, but I will make songs and parties too! just wait….

This is a photo of my town. Hope you like it!

Quarkore is:

23 05 2009

Quarkore is:

Fiesta, entertainment, music, art, design, opposite directions, a friend, a monument,
a devil greets a baby, a link: Take ecstacy with me, a life in music, Half on cassette and half on digital audio, a way of giving a hug, an emotional greeting, a recent memory,
or a very old, change channels, change looking, a day and a night,  a finger, a notice you do not like, a style that does not convince you, attracting style, a flow very cynical, one euro on the ground, a perverted look, a castle, a notebook, a keyboard, a excellent, Horadric cube or a gang of armed communists, a monkey, a sweatshirt of some such Coilbox, wide trousers and a cap placed poorly at night, Bob Marley, a sweatshirt Lost, found, lost definitively, Cuantum Mechanics, a dumb,  a puddle in a road, a laptop on fire, a wad of pages of formulas, or a blue device, a trip,  maybe two if we find two mushrooms, one man falls off the stage,  applause with the public and
climb to sing a connection, a free charlet base and lots of laughter, 2.5mm cable and tape, Smash bros, “Art is my love,” the history of the universe, a lie,
a solution, being shy, and sometimes wanting power, Asturias, Sweden, the blondes (jeje) my bike and my trunk, a broken leg, some lizards, such a Kid A, James Brown should be alive, a radio, a handful of women and men, a dog in Andalusia and a dragon in the Alpujarras, The Chana, San Miguel Alto, a flat above the Booga, another next to Silent Hill, two crazy ones, a prechuza, a bald man with a drop in the head, white sunglasses, Because I love you above … if you can jump, fly above the stars, or jump higher, look at things, fleeting
shake with emotion, to thank after a pet.

Thank you.