28 11 2009

Hello and welcome once again. Working for two months on this song, I decided to call it “Holy Song”. Going back to my IDM roots, working with Reason and Renoise to make this go well.

Not much to say, just hope you’ll like it. Don’t forget to comment!

Here’s the link:

Quarkore – Holy Song (Goin\’ The IDM way) is MP3 320kbps.



Cosmología Pitagórica (Pithagoric Cosmology)

16 11 2009

[TC011] VVAA Vol.2 – Cosmologia Pitagorica || Download Here



01 –Anagramm – Je Partirais

02 –Dizmal Dubstep – Was

03 –Killerallien vs Phonetic – Life snapshot 16

04 –Nonima – The Exception (feat. The Audiologyst)

05 –Interval – Toronto

06 –Sina – Pray for Time

07 –Orvonton – Para el aire 2

08 –Versive – Face Flat Fall

09 –Deloise – Aldám (feat. Dj Khiko)

10 –Nick R 61 & Malicius Penetrator – Singing bowl

11 –Titus Twelve – To the Ancient

12 –Quarkore – Hurricanes

13 –Missqulater – Transaction Acid

14 –Chaos Connection – Screwhead

15 –John Connor – Nueva Era (feat. Missqulater)

16 –Astroboyz – Loosed Innocence



11 10 2009

Working with Future-Touch! In this video there’s some of my musical work, The song’s called “Intro” and in early future I will give you the link to the song, but wait!

Future-Touch Cosmetic trend guides

The Path to the top is to keep your Work

8 10 2009

Hi There! Trying to get to the top I joined some days ago to a contest on Indaba Music. The contest: Remix The Crystal Method‘s “Come Back Clean“. I went up to the 141st position, so don’t worry, for me this is one of my best! and I’ll play it everywhere I go! So… Here’s the track:

The Crystal Method – Come Back Clean (Quarkore Remix) on MP3 320Kbps as usual.

Next Stop: Don’t Forget to be Famous!


6 09 2009

Hi there! After my forced vacation times, I’ve started to work once again into electronics. Next is Tech-house-break track, with many noise, but not for crack your ears, just to concentrate into the track. Hope you like it!

Quarkore – Wormholes is MP3 320 kbps. Enjoy!

The Call, some massive work

13 08 2009

Hi There! Last week was my Birthday, so I made a party (not a show, the show will begin tomorrow) with friends and some drinks for everyone wanted to assist. I will upload a photo of some of my friends heh!

Quarkore's Birthday!

Well, I’ve been working too, with many difficulties to connect my devices, but I have done! here’s the work:

Quarkore – The Call is some kind of massive breakbeat song, hope you all like it!



1 08 2009

Problems Solved.

Stay Clean!