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29 05 2010

Hi guys, we have moved to blogger, but don’t worry! I’ll go the same way!

The Quarkore in Blogspot!



11 10 2009

Working with Future-Touch! In this video there’s some of my musical work, The song’s called “Intro” and in early future I will give you the link to the song, but wait!

Future-Touch Cosmetic trend guides

The Mash up and Quarkore

25 06 2009

Some people think that Mashup music is some kind of pirate work. I don’t think the same way. Just to take some beats or melodies from your favourite songs and make them look the way you really want to hear them is good for Dj’s and producers, because they can give to the stage and to people music more likely and exclusive. Just think in 2 Many Dj\’s (Soulwax Bros.) and you’ll know what I’m trying to say.

So Here’s The Work!

Quarkore – Right Here in The Matrix (Mashup) is Mp3.

Hope you enjoy it!

Don’t forget to comment about the mashup and other stories about this.

Animated ones

23 06 2009

Hi people! just taking up a Gif image made by Che. Hope you like it!


Design you B*****D! (III)

30 05 2009


This is fine! 😀

By Che.

Quarkore is:

23 05 2009

Quarkore is:

Fiesta, entertainment, music, art, design, opposite directions, a friend, a monument,
a devil greets a baby, a link: Take ecstacy with me, a life in music, Half on cassette and half on digital audio, a way of giving a hug, an emotional greeting, a recent memory,
or a very old, change channels, change looking, a day and a night,  a finger, a notice you do not like, a style that does not convince you, attracting style, a flow very cynical, one euro on the ground, a perverted look, a castle, a notebook, a keyboard, a excellent, Horadric cube or a gang of armed communists, a monkey, a sweatshirt of some such Coilbox, wide trousers and a cap placed poorly at night, Bob Marley, a sweatshirt Lost, found, lost definitively, Cuantum Mechanics, a dumb,  a puddle in a road, a laptop on fire, a wad of pages of formulas, or a blue device, a trip,  maybe two if we find two mushrooms, one man falls off the stage,  applause with the public and
climb to sing a connection, a free charlet base and lots of laughter, 2.5mm cable and tape, Smash bros, “Art is my love,” the history of the universe, a lie,
a solution, being shy, and sometimes wanting power, Asturias, Sweden, the blondes (jeje) my bike and my trunk, a broken leg, some lizards, such a Kid A, James Brown should be alive, a radio, a handful of women and men, a dog in Andalusia and a dragon in the Alpujarras, The Chana, San Miguel Alto, a flat above the Booga, another next to Silent Hill, two crazy ones, a prechuza, a bald man with a drop in the head, white sunglasses, Because I love you above … if you can jump, fly above the stars, or jump higher, look at things, fleeting
shake with emotion, to thank after a pet.

Thank you.

Design you B*****D!

3 04 2009


This is Chema, formerly known as Che. Designer, artist, great human and better friend. Everything around him is designed to be amazing 😀 he collab with me making myself listen my music more weirdly.

He gifted to me two T-shirts really really good! here is his designs:

Z? what does it mean?

It’s design you B*****D!

Z? By Che (some rights reserved)

Smile! shirt. I love this one!

great shirt

great shirt

Soon I’ll show mi sister’s t-shirts. By the way you can visit