Moved to Blogger

29 05 2010

Hi guys, we have moved to blogger, but don’t worry! I’ll go the same way!

The Quarkore in Blogspot!


The Path to the top is to keep your Work

8 10 2009

Hi There! Trying to get to the top I joined some days ago to a contest on Indaba Music. The contest: Remix The Crystal Method‘s “Come Back Clean“. I went up to the 141st position, so don’t worry, for me this is one of my best! and I’ll play it everywhere I go! So… Here’s the track:

The Crystal Method – Come Back Clean (Quarkore Remix) on MP3 320Kbps as usual.

Next Stop: Don’t Forget to be Famous!

Booming! Bo-Booming Right at You!

28 06 2009

Hi There! I’ve made a Junkie XL cover,

So here’s my work:

Junkie XL – Booming Right At You (Quarkore Remix)


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