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29 05 2010

Hi guys, we have moved to blogger, but don’t worry! I’ll go the same way!

The Quarkore in Blogspot!


Booming! Bo-Booming Right at You!

28 06 2009

Hi There! I’ve made a Junkie XL cover,

So here’s my work:

Junkie XL – Booming Right At You (Quarkore Remix)


Check out

The Mash up and Quarkore

25 06 2009

Some people think that Mashup music is some kind of pirate work. I don’t think the same way. Just to take some beats or melodies from your favourite songs and make them look the way you really want to hear them is good for Dj’s and producers, because they can give to the stage and to people music more likely and exclusive. Just think in 2 Many Dj\’s (Soulwax Bros.) and you’ll know what I’m trying to say.

So Here’s The Work!

Quarkore – Right Here in The Matrix (Mashup) is Mp3.

Hope you enjoy it!

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