Well, as musician, I have to say something about this on my blog. I’ve been playing with music for 7 years, since my beginning on La Pardoha, Rap quartet made by me and 3 more friends, Gordo, Vitu and Pochator. I was usually named Flacko those days. Later I started to work on electronics, mading myself a DJ, and for the next 5 years I started producing with Reason 3.0 some IDM tracks, known as Fingersonthe.plug. By the way I’ll be uploading everything I have. Now I’m Quarkore, Breaks producer with Reason 4.0, Korg Electribe EMX-1 and Ableton Live, making sounds really good. On main posts you’ll be able to download everything I’ve got.

Feel free to ask myself about!

Here you can send me your tracks: I’ll feedbak you with my opinions and own tracks!


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